Home renovation and remodeling

General Construction Services helping you create spaces that fit the function and fabric of your life! And we are proud to know that our renovation and remodeling services are driving new, higher expectations among home owners and commercial building owners in the GTA. These expectations include a higher caliber of workmanship, conscientiousness, and communication throughout the span of each remodeling or construction project.
Simply put, we hold high values regarding what truly makes a remodeling experience one of quality. These values, combined with our professional expertise in all facets of construction, create renovation and remodeling results that are excellently crafted and smoothly executed. And we’re happy to say this isn’t just our opinion… it has been attested by many individuals, families, real estate owners, and business groups we’ve served.

We are proud to say that more than 50% of our business is generated through referrals. One of our major goals is to make sure your renovation projects run smooth and easy by undertaking renovations with a "Hands On" Project Management Services for the consumer.  This ensures that the job is completed diligently, and exactly as the customer desires. We also give you the customer the option to supply the materials (toilet, vanity, tub, tile etc.) to save you money and to allow you a hands on choice in the products you want installed.

     At the conception stage, we offer suggestions and assist you in putting ideas to paper including plans and specifications. Once the budget, plans, and specifications are set, we will write with you on location a professional contract. We are of the strongest opinion that in order to achieve the best quality, value and price, we fully discuss the contract to ensure complete understanding of all phases of the project. Then we execute the plan of action, coordinating, scheduling, managing and overseeing the workflow. Throughout the process, we are constantly verifying and ensuring that our workmanship and materials are within the parameters of the plans. As the progress-work invoices come in, we sit with you and double check all aspects relevant to each invoice before approval for your payment. At conclusion of the project, all applicable Trade, Manufacturer and Supplier warranties are issued directly to you.